'************************************** ' for :A simple search engine. No extern ' al dependencies. '************************************** (c)2000 ThunderSoft Inc. All Rights reserved. '************************************** ' Name: A simple search engine. No exter ' nal dependencies. ' Description:Search engine. Works with ' every web server! No SQL, MTS or CGI! ' By: Anonymous (from psc cd) ' ' ' Inputs:A search string ' ' Returns:Results of query ' 'Assumes:Knowledge of JavaScript and HTM ' L. ' 'Side Effects:None '******************************** JavaScript Search Engine Script with Descriptions

The following is just a demonstration of how you would link to search.htm from other pages:

Or you can just use direct links. For instance, if you wanted to search for the keyword "javascript", then you would link to search.htm?javascript. Or search for "javascript" or "perl": search.htm?javascript%20perl&or. Or for "javascript" and "perl": search.htm?javascript%20perl&and. Or for the exact phrase "javascript perl": search.htm?javascript%20perl&exact. (note that %20 is the URL escaped form of a space).